Autostrada restored "roads of life" in the areas damaged by the combat actions

 Autostrada has restored a number of "roads of life" in regions affected by combats. 

Our specialists urgently restored the main road artery of Chernihiv Oblast - highway M-02 "Kipti-Glukhiv-Bachivsk". M-02 provides a connection between two regions significantly affected by the war - Chernihiv region and Sumy region.

Sections of the road in the Chernihiv region were restored at a rapid pace. In general, the most damaged sections on 120 km of the road were restored.

Аlso completed the urgent repair of 90 km of the highway P-69 "Kyiv-Vyshhorod-Desna-Chernihiv", which is in Chernihiv region too. This road is currently the only transport corridor between Kyiv and Chernihiv. Certain sections of the route were significantly damaged by hostilities in the region.

In addition to the emergency repair of the road surface, two temporary crossings were made on P-69 at the place of the bridges destroyed by the fighting.

Repair work was also completed on the M-21 highway in the Zhytomyr region, which was damaged during the fights too.

A number of temporary detours were also arranged in Zhytomyr Oblast. In particular, three detours were built in the region at the site of the destroyed bridges: on the M-21 highway "Vystupovychy-Zhytomyr-Mohyliv-Podilskyi" and on the road P-02 "Kyiv-Ivankiv-Ovruch" and on M-07 "Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodin".

As part of operational maintenance, we carry out pothole repairs in Cherkasy region. In particular, on the main transport artery of the region - H-08, through which the logistical routes of humanitarian cargoes to the East of Ukraine.

Autostrada is making maximum efforts to restore the infrastructure and win the country.