The company's success depends on the success of each individual employee, so we guarantee decent working conditions, benefits and continuous professional development.


Team of professionals

AUTOSTRADA is a company with the professional team. They share their experience and knowledge gained on complex objects with the new generation of road builders. Our team is friendly and close-knit, because we are united by a mission to make quality roads responsibly. We value every employee who knows what to do, how to do it, and who does the works conscientiously. In order to keep abreast of innovations in the field, our employees constantly learn and exchange experience with foreign colleagues. We provide development and career opportunities to all who desire.


The number of employees is constantly growing

The constantly growing team amounts to more than 2000 employees

Family-like team

The experienced experts willingly share their knowledge with younger workers; contribute to their professional development and welcome innovation. That is how AUTOSTRADA manages to find successful solutions for even the most difficult tasks.

Victor and Serhij Postovytyuk

Join our team!

Working in AUTOSTRADA is to feel you have an important role and have the opportunity to use your professional potential. Achieve success, solve problems of any complexity, and be proud of each completed project together with our team. Work in Ukraine, receive high wages and benefits. Send a resume and find out that your dream job exists!

Internship opportunities

We have created an internship program for students and graduates. You will be able to get acquainted with the production, the full cycle of construction or repair of the object, and the innovative technologies. Our mentors will help you gain the necessary experience for further professional growth.

What do we offer?

  • - Official employment and high wages
  • - Extended social package, including quality health insurance
  • - The latest equipment from world’s best manufacturers
  • - Work in a team of the best road construction professionals
  • - Opportunities for learning and sharing experiences with European colleagues
  • - Career prospects and a system of motivations and bonuses

Employment opportunities

Our employees are the greatest value of the company, because its success depends on the results and dedication of everyone. That is why we provide comfortable working conditions to all members of our large and friendly team. We are pleased to welcome both experienced workers and newcomers to the industry.

How to join the team?

Fill in the form in the "Career" section, send your CV to or call us +38 (050) 490 94 55

Personnel and vacancies Well-coordinated teamwork is based on professional skills and a sense of responsibility. AUTOSTRADA approaches the solution of issues thoughtfully and seriously. Preference is given to competent, initiative individuals with creative thinking. Selection criteria Sophisticated technology requires high qualification, and compliance with the rules of operation. Without this, it is impossible to ensure the European level of quality. Only as a team of like-minded people can we expect excellent results. The number of employees is growing and has already exceeded 2000.

Everyone who is workig in our team:

  • has a high level of professionalism;

  • is familiar with the functions performed;

  • adopts and shares experience with colleagues;

  • improves knowledge by attending seminars, courses;

  • works with full dedication.

By our work we prove that every centimeter of coverage is laid according to all regulations. We have much to be proud of, and we are open to communication. Invitation for vacant positions The secret of production is related to its mobility. Being at a distance from the house, workers do not feel discomfort. At their disposal there are block-containers, where there is everything necessary for rest after a day’s work. Any work should be motivated. In our company, it is connected not only with obtaining a decent salary and benefits. Absolutely everyone has a career opportunity. A position with AUTOSTRADA is prestige and stability. We are waiting for everyone to prove their abilities. Send a resume by e-mail and join our friendly family!