About us

AUTOSTRADA is a powerful modern Ukrainian enterprise in which all European standards are observed. We carry out major repairs and complex construction of roads of any difficulty. The key to success is AUTOSTRADA’S own fleet of the newest machinery from the world’s top manufacturers and a strong team of professionals with extensive experience in the industry.

History and achievements

AUTOSTRADA first appeared on the road construction market in 2016. During 2016-2018, the company purchased only new machinery and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. We have gathered the best experienced professionals and young specialists dedicated to their work. As a team, we can easily solve the most difficult tasks of construction, repair, reconstruction, maintenance and improvement of roads and streets.

Among our achievements: the use of the economical technology of cold recycling. We have our own fleet of exclusively new European machinery, two environmentally friendly asphalt plants, a reliable and punctual team for the procurement of materials, a warehouse of necessary spare parts, and quality control at all stages of construction. The combination of these factors ensures a superb, flawlessend result.

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Maksym Shkil - ukrainian businessman, philanthropist. Was born in Lviv.

Proud of the team

Experience and professionalism are the main qualities of all company employees. Key positions are occupied by specialists who have shown their excellence on complex projects: in the construction of interchanges, runways and freeways. They have much to share and they are willing to pass on their experience and knowledge to the younger generation. The employees of AUTOSTRADA receive high wages, benefits, and decent working conditions. Ongoing education, professional training, and the exchange of experience with foreign colleagues are essential components for the professional development of our friendly team. Our people are distinguished by their devotion to the construction of roads, the desire to complete the project on time and flawlessly. If your vocation is in road construction, send us your resume and become a part of team.

Anatoly Mykolayovych


Forty years of experience in the field of road construction. Began as a senior mechanic to become the director of the company. Education: Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute, speciality "Automobiles and Automobile Economy" (graduated 1992). Has practical experience in many complex areas.

Zapadniuk Dmytro Petrovych

Chief mechanic

Experience in road construction for about 20 years. Education: Vinnytsia Polytechnic College, Vinnytsia National Polytechnic University, specialty: mechanical engineer

Oleg Mykolayovych

Chief of the production site

Twenty-five years of experience in the road construction industry. Headed projects for road repair: "Kyiv-Odessa", "Kharkiv-Pereshchepine", and "Kyiv-Kharkiv". Participated in the implementation of reconstruction projects for the Zhulyany airport runways. Has been working in Autostrada since 2016.

Yaroslav Mykhailovych

Chief engineer

Twenty years of experience in the road construction industry. Education: Ukrainian Transport University, speciality "Construction of highways and airfields". Headed production, technical and economic departments in leading road construction companies.

Want to join us?

We strive to be the most attractive employer in the industry, therefore, we conduct HR policies aimed at: creating decent working conditions, staff development and career growth. Join our team!

Geography of projects

We carry out construction and the overhauling of roads in all regions of Ukraine. Our mobility is provided by modern new mobile asphalt-concrete plants. They are easy to move and quick to put into operation. AUTOSTRADA has its own mobile laboratories, trailers for transportation of equipment, office and residential container blocks, a canteen and other mobile equipment necessary for ensuring the accommodation and comfortable work of employees. It takes up to 30 days to prepare a new site for work to begin.

Projects of national importance, built by our employees

Social responsibility

We sincerely pay all taxes

Doing a transparent business is one of the company's priorities. AUTOSTRADA is one of the largest taxpayers in the field of road construction and maintenance. All taxes are always paid on time.While working and developing in Ukraine, we are responsible for its well-being.

We care about the environment

The future of AUTOSTRADA company is in Ukraine. Therefore, our asphalt plants are equipped with modern dry filters according to European environmental standards. We use clean, energy-saving and careful cold recycling technology.


The company AUTOSTRADA is actively involved in charity work. We help orphanages; takesponsorshipover their pupils’ further professional development, support sport, and cultural projects. A corporate donor program has been established among the employees.

Our partners

The countdown of the history of the Ukrainian company AUTOSTRADA begins in 2016. In a short time, a strong team of skilled professionals took on the task. Thanks to their efforts and determination, AUTOSTRADA boldly entered the market and took a worthy place among Ukrainian road builders. Technical base Just merely having the desire to build and repair highways is not enough. The machinerysoon appeared in service. Machinery of latest generation and from the world’s top brands. Smart and practical, with precision of jewelry makers. In a matter of days the German developed asphalt-concrete production plant appeared in the Vinnitsa region. Being mobile - it can be moved to any point where the work is being done, and supply materials with minimal delivery costs. The main factor is human Without human intervention, the best machine would remain motionless. It is managed by true professionals. Both young and seasoned, those who have proven their high professionalism more than once.

They are equally good at:

  • laying new roads;

  • reconstructing already built ones;

  • repairing those that will soon need the intervention of specialists;

  • carrying out milling (partial removal of the upper worn layer) to make the surface as safe as possible;

  • applying markings, installing road signs, curbs, restrictive barriers;

  • putting in order the roadside territory, arranging turningand parking areas.

The main motto of the company AUTOSTRADA: “Do not stop on the achieved, continue to move forward. The task is not easy, but for admirers of the profession, it is quite doable.