Avtostrada has signed a contract for the construction of the left-bank interchange of Darnytskyi Bridge

On October 1, Avtostrada signed a contract with the South-Western Railway of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia for the construction of the left-bank interchange of the Darnytskyi Bridge in Kyiv. The project envisages the construction of two exits to the Dnieper embankment in the direction of Osokorky and Bereznyaky and an entrance to the bridge from the side of Osokorky. We plan to complete the main works by the end of 2022.

The general scope of works includes the construction of 4 bridge supports with a total length of about 1,500 meters and weight of more than four thousand tons. The width of the new road junction will be ca. 10 to almost 13 meters. It will be equipped with appropriate barrier and railing fencing, as well as a modern lighting system. The supports of the trestle exits will be built of monolithic reinforced concrete, and the pavement will be made of two-layer asphalt 80 mm thick on a pre-laid waterproofing membrane, which will protect the metal beams of the girder structure and adhesion to the asphalt pavement.

Avtostrada guarantees the quality of asphalt pavement on the bridge for a period of 10 years. Preparatory work will begin tomorrow, October 2. These will include:

  • inventory of metal structures, their condition and availability;
  • continuation of design works on the arrangement of the entrance to the bridge from the Dnieper embankment;
  • adjustment of geodetic data (axes of structures, benchmarks, elevation positions);
  • inspection, obtaining technical conditions for the transfer of communications for the organization of congresses on the Dnieper embankment;
  • preparation of sites for the beginning of construction works on the arrangement of the congress on the Dnieper embankment towards Osokorky.

Simultaneously with the preparatory stage we will begin the main construction works. The company will work on the site all week long. Construction of the Darnytskyi  bridge began in 2004, and was completed in 2011. Since then, the left-bank interchange has remained unfinished. The capacity of the bridge is 35,000 cars per day. Due to the lack of exits from the Dnipro embankment, today the bridge is not used at full capacity. The launch of the new interchange will contribute to the unloading of the transport infrastructure on the left bank of Kyiv.