Road construction students will be able to combine study with work for the first time

Avtostrada joins a pilot project to train specialists in the dual form of education, our company is included in the relevant order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Dual education involves a combination of theoretical knowledge with practical experience in the conditions of production.

To prepare for the launch of the relevant program, Avtostrada's representatives visited Kharkiv National Automobile and Road University (KhNADU), with which we have been cooperating for a long time. Bogdan Protsenko, Executive Director of the company, Kateryna Vasyuta, HR Director, and Lesya Aleksienko, Head of the Quality Control Department, discussed with the university administration and teachers the training format, curricula, student evaluation criteria and a number of organizational aspects.

About 50 KhNADU graduates already work in our team, 35 of them hold managerial positions. Half of the trainees were transferred to engineering and technical positions. Currently, more than 30 Avtostrada's employees receive higher education at the university.

Dual education, which was first introduced in Germany in the 1960s, is now widely practiced in a number of European countries. For Ukraine, it is an innovation that is only gaining momentum. Avtostrada does not stand aside and is an active participant in this process, adopting international experience. We are ready to promote the project as much as possible, transferring our best practices to educational institutions so that the educational process reaches a qualitatively new level, and students not only gain in-depth knowledge of modern technologies and innovations used in road construction, but also experience in the latest technology use.

This approach will allow us to train professionals who need both our company and the market. Students will receive all the necessary skills and will be able to work in the relevant sphere.

We are confident that together with teachers we will be able to cope with the gap between the theory and employers expectations from young professionals. Unfortunately, today the outdated educational and material and technical base of educational institutions very often does not allow to do it.

We are already counting on the participation of the first students from the 2022/2023 academic year. The demand is very high, there are more than 100 applications in advance.

Support for specialized educational institutions is an important area for Avtostrada. Our goal is to promote the profession of road worker to help train a new generation of professionals and eliminate the "staff shortage" that exists in the industry. To do this, we implement internship programs, and scholarship initiatives. We update the material and technical base of specialized institutions, and our employees share their experience with students at open lectures, meetings and study visits to the company's production facilities.