Avtostrada concreted half of the piles needed to build the left-bank interchange of the Darnytskyi bridge

On the bridge construction site, Avtostrada specialists work around the clock, arranging two bored piles per day.

Bridge works are performed with the help of two powerful drilling rigs. One of them - Bauer BG 45 Premium Line, 2021 model year, the company bought in Germany. A week ago it was brought and assembled, it is already working on the bridge 24/7. There are no analogues of Bauer BG 45 in Ukraine. The diameter of the drilling rig is 1.5 meters, the drilling depth is up to 48 m. The drill is part of Bauer's "green line" - it consumes less fuel and creates the least noise. Another Bauer BG 36 drilling rig is working to speed up work on the site.

In addition to drilling, the production of metal structures, concrete and other works continues. In particular, the company's specialists make sheet piling for the grille of the support body, the grilles themselves, building berths for the enlargement of elements of metal girder structures (slabs, consoles, beams), temporary supports for the installation of finished structures.

What was done on the bridge:

  • five foundations and seven grilles of retaining walls were built on the building #8;
  • the grille of the building #5 was erected;
  • stands on the building #5 were done;
  • half of the bored piles needed to build the interchange were concreted.

110 company specialists of the construction division, more than 50 units of specialized bridge construction equipment are involved on the site.

The project for the construction of the left-bank interchange of Darnytskyi Bridge envisages the construction of two exits to the Dnieper Embankment (towards Bazhana Avenue and towards Paton Bridge) and the entrance to the bridge (from Bazhana Avenue). The main works are planned to be completed by the end of 2022.