During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the roads maintained by Avtostrada, remained safe for drive

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the specialists of Avtostrada successfully eliminated the consequences of snowdrifts and ice on the roads. Public transport stops, bridges and other man-made structures also remained clean. In total, more than 3,500 tons of anti-icing materials were used during the holidays.

In order to make travel safe and secure, our specialists work on highways 24/7. About 70 units of equipment and 140 employees of Avtostrada were involved in the works.

Avtostrada provides the maintenance for important transport arteries of Cherkasy (H-16, H-08) as well as Chernihiv regions (M-02, R-67, R-61).

We remind you that in case of an emergency on the road, you can contact the Ukravtodor 24-hour hotline at (044) 298-85-37.

The list of sludge sites in the context of public roads can be found at: