Autostrada commissioned an asphalt plant and is now ready to repair the international route "GoHighWay"

Yesterday, near the village of Chervone in Vinnytsia, a new asphalt plant of the joint German-Ukrainian enterprise Autostrada was put into operation. The production is modern, environmentally friendly and certified. All finished products from the plant will be delivered directly to two sections of the international route M-12 (near the villages of Nemyriv and Pysarivka), where Autostrada currently carries out repairs. This is part of GoHighWay International Corridor.

The use of modern technology and road machinery allows the enterprise to make road coating with 10 years of operation lifetime.

"Our coating has a high-quality "recipe" of manufacturing with clearly defined proportions, using the right technology. In contrast to the old roads that went away with the snow, our company makes a coating with a lifetime of at least 10 years! This is not all we are proud of. Our plant in Germany produces zero emissions. Production is equipped with a hose system of dust clearing. In the bunker of the filter, there are 11 sections with more than 100 filtering hoses made of special material Nomex. This fabric withstands peak temperatures of 210-230 0С. The main advantage of such filters over the system of wet dust removal is that they give a better result and do not require a constant water supply. Such mobile asphalt concrete plants can be installed within the settlements”- says Anatoly Vakar, director of Open Joint-Stock Company Autostrada.

The modern asphalt plant was erected on the territory of the former farm of Chervone village in just a month and a half. Mobile and compact, it provides the jobs for local residents and has become another source of income for the Melnykivtsi community.

"This site used to hold the ruins of a livestock complex. Now we have a modern plant with benefits: additional jobs that come with deductions to the budget via income tax, environmental tax, and land tax. All funds go to the development of our 1.5 thousand community. Our plan for the near future in the community is streets lighting”- says Oleksandr Lesko, chairman of Melnykivtsi Community, referring to the cooperation with "Autostrada". – The investment in Melnykivtsi has already resulted in the purchase and replacement of a new well pump. The people now have running water! Chervone village is awaiting the construction of two kilometres of a new road. This will give entry into the village from the main highway. Currently, this route now has an uncomfortable pavement".