In the Kirovohrad region, a major overhaul of the M-30 Road of Unity is underway

Avtostrada is repairing 13 km of the M-30 road, which is also called the Road of Unity, in the area from the village of Subottsi to the village of Znamyanka Druha. A layer of coarse-grained asphalt concrete has already been laid along almost the entire length of the site. Prior to the repair, the site was in poor condition, as it had not been repaired for at least 30 years. Currently, work is underway in Subottsi to strengthen the base with a gravel-sand mixture treated with cement. Also on the site Avtostrada will:

  • arrange geotextiles in order to provide a draining layer of pavement;
  • lay a leveling layer of asphalt concrete;
  • strengthen the roadside;
  • begin work on lighting in the village.

The following works will also be performed during the overhaul:

  • arrangement of transitional speed lanes for exits and races;
  • installation of drainage system with treatment facilities;
  • arrangement of bus stops and installation of car pavilions;
  • arrangement of sidewalks;
  • installation of autonomous lighting with solar panels at pedestrian crossings;
  • installation of barrier fencing, new road signs and cold plastic marking.

By the end of the road construction season, we will complete the installation of all layers of pavement. About 100 units of equipment and 200 employees of the company are involved in the works on the site. The need for materials is met by our own powerful asphalt concrete plant and soil mixing plant.
The total length of the M-30 Unity Road, which runs across the country from west to east, is over 1,400 km. Over the past few years, Avtostrada has repaired more than 200 km of this highway.