The Autostrada's bridge division is restoring the man-made structures on the longest route in Cherkasy region

In 2021, the road on 4 bridges and overpasses on the H-16 highway in Cherkasy region was replaced. Currently, Autostrada's specialists are completing the work on strengthening the bridge over the Gnily Tikich River and the overpass on the bypass of Zvenigorodka. The total length of both buildings is 134 meters, and their repair was last carried out more than 40 years ago.

The following types of work are underway on the bridge over the Gnily Tikich River:

  • manufacture and installation of railing;
  • arrangement of a border protection;
  • concreting of the sidewalk;
  • installation and concreting of the abutment tooth on both sides of the bridge, which was absent before.

We also plan to install sewage treatment plants with oil filters, fill the cones with concrete and arrange drainage. Especially since there is a source of water with a high content of silicon, which is in great demand among locals. On the overpass near Zvenigorodka, drainage and concreting of cones are underway.

Earlier, work on three bridges in the villages of Knyazha, Bagachivka and Signaivka was fully completed.

Route H-16 is the longest route in Cherkasy region, passing through the whole region from east to west. It begins near Zolotonosha, runs through the cities of Cherkasy, Smila, Shpola, Zvenigorodka, Talne and Uman. The length of the highway is 208 km. Last year, Autostrada repaired 52 km of this road, and in total we restored about a third of the H-16.