Maksym Shkil: Avtostrada is constantly improving quality control - our sites will be inspected by mobile laboratories

From now on, our sections of roads will be inspected by mobile laboratories, which will become part of the company's unique quality system. The presentation of mobile laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment for quality control of road construction was held by Avtostrada on November 17 at the International Forum of Infrastructure and Transport MINTRANS, which took place in Kyiv at the Parkovy Exhibition Center. Continuous self-improvement and introduction of innovative technologies and approaches is one of Avtostrada's key principles, which allows the company to take a leading position in the road construction industry. This also applies to quality control of work, which is an undisputed priority for Avtostrada.

In order to increase the effectiveness of quality control, the company has launched mobile laboratories, which can conduct a full cycle of analysis from soil compaction to testing of asphalt mixtures and layers of pavement. Their equipment allows to assess the condition of the pavement, its smoothness and roughness, and directly in motion, with the speed of traffic, to detect defects.
The equipment of Avtostrada's mobile laboratories also gives the possibility to:

  • evaluate the compaction of the base - the "foundation" of pavement. This is a very important indicator, because the durability of the road surface depends on the base;
  • determine the equality of coverage, which directly affects traffic safety. This will be done with the help of a laser profilometer, which can scan the surface of the road surface simultaneously at 19 points with a maximum width of 4.5 meters. The determination is made in accordance with the International Roughness Index (IRI);
  • scan the road surface for defects - both on restored roads and on those already in operation. The obtained data will be processed using a special software package;
  • determine the roughness of the coating in accordance with the international adhesion of the wheel to the IFI coating;
  • determine the density, thickness, water saturation and other characteristics of materials after sampling of structural layers directly on the road. This will allow, if necessary, to quickly decide to change the recipe;
  • measure the basic geometric parameters of the road;
  • check the quality of the markup;
  • check how road signs reflect light.

The launch of mobile labs will allow Avtostrada to improve performance and its technology, as well as respond to any potential discrepancies to promptly correct and prevent recurrence. The company's specialists will receive recommendations directly on the spot.
"We strive to constantly improve the quality of work, which is why we implement the latest technological solutions. The launch of mobile laboratories is a logical continuation of this systematic approach. Quality control will become more efficient and even more thorough and effective. The synergy of the quality control department, technical supervision, central laboratory and laboratories at each of our production bases allow us to make the best product - quality roads. And now we have mobile laboratories, which will allow to work ahead of time, ”- said Maksym Shkil, the founder of the Avtostrada Group of Companies.
Starting from November 18, mobile laboratories will go to sections of roads that are being restored by Avtostrada. From now on, quality control of works will be even more thorough, and road clothes will be even more reliable and durable.