Autostrada's specialists are repairing a bridge on the highway of national importance in the Chernihiv region

Autostrada's bridge construction department is restoring the bridge on the highway H-07 Kyiv - Sumy in the village of Nova Basan (Chernihiv region). This section of the road passes near the border with Brovary district of Kyiv region.

The bridge was built in 1960 and has not been repaired since its reconstruction in the 1980s. Reconstruction of the building is carried out according to the model "design-build", - we develop the project and conduct all works. The bridge will have a frame structure, so there will be no movable supporting parts.

The length of the building is almost 20 m, the width of the carriageway is 9 m. To allow drivers to go through this section of the road, a temporary bypass road was built before the repairs began.

A number of works have already been performed on the site:

- earthworks were carried out for the arrangement of the bridge piers;
- 12 bored piles were drilled and concreted;
- two grilles are arranged;
- two support nozzles are made.

Also, all beams of the girder structure have already been made, there will be 7 of them on the bridge.

One of the bridge piers is currently being built. The works are carried out in accordance with the norms of installation of concrete structures in the winter.

Also during the repair:

- arrange a new monolithic slab;
- make transition plates;
- we will lay two layers of asphalt concrete;
- arrange waterproofing;
- we will make sidewalks;
- install a new barrier on the railing.

In 2021 Autostrada restored 63 km of the H-07 highway in the Chernihiv region.