Avtostrada is restoring the R-33 highway, which connects Vinnytsia and Odesa regions

Avtostrada is repairing the R-33 highway in the Vinnytsia region. The final layer of pavement has already been laid at 27 kilometers of two sections between Trostyanets and Chechelnyk. The road has not been repaired for about 40 years, and was in a state of emergency, making residents of Vinnytsia go around it. The repair involves milling the old road surface, laying the foundation and two layers of asphalt concrete, as well as spreading the road by 1.5 m.

Also during the works:

  • we strengthen the roadside;
  • we organize congresses;
  • install modern lighting;
  • arrange sidewalks and curbs;
  • arrange new bus stops;
  • install bumpers;
  • apply markings and install new road signs.

In the village Obodovka specialists of our bridge construction department repaired the bridge over the river Berladynka. The main works on the sites will be completed by the end of the road construction season. About 120 employees of the company and more than 60 units of equipment are involved at the site. Avtostrada covers the needs for materials with our own soil mixing plant and Marini 3000 asphalt plant with a capacity of 260 tons per hour. The total length of our sections is about 35 km.

This year, in the Vinnytsia region, Avtostrada restored 125 km of the R-08 highway and two territorial roads in an unprecedented 90 days.