Avtostrada will build the Yampil bridge between Ukraine and Moldova

The Yampil bridge across the Dniester will connect Ukraine with Moldova. It will be a continuation of the R-08 Nemyriv-Yampil highway, 116 km of which the company will restore before the Independence Day of Ukraine; it's also a part of the transport corridor between the capitals of the countries.

The bridge will be located between the suburbs of Yampil on the Ukrainian side and near the Moldovan village of Koseuts. The Ukrainian side will start from highway T-02-02 "Mogilev-Podolsky-Yampil-Bershad-Uman," which the company also restored. On the other side of the border, it will join the Moldovan highway M2 "Chisinau-Soroky."

Avtostrada won the tender today. The cost of the works will amount to UAH 3,386,400,000. Avtostrada will start construction works after the contract signature from both the Ukrainian and Moldovan sides. With proper state funding, the new bridge, according to the tender conditions, should be built by the end of 2022.

Parameters of the bridge: length -1309 meters, the maximum height of supports - 40 meters (10 meters above the standard 9-storey building), capacity - 5000 cars per day. We will need 9,000 tons of high-quality metal structures and more than 16,000 m³ of monolithic reinforced concrete for its construction.

Today, vehicles from Vinnytsia and central Ukraine to Moldova move only one way - across the bridge at the Mohyliv-Podilskyi-Otach checkpoint and only the ferry at the Yampil-Koseuts border crossing. The new bridge in Yampol will reduce the travel time on the route Kyiv - Chisinau and give impetus to the socio-economic development of both the Vinnytsia region and the countries.