Construction and repair of roads and bridges

Bridge construction

Our employees are the most experienced professionals in the bridge construction industry in Ukraine. We perform work on the construction and reconstruction of bridges of any complexity. In 2020, the unit restored 25 bridges, and in 2021 more than 40 are under construction.

Asphalt concrete mix production

Our modern asphalt plants provide a mix for the company's own needs and the needs of customers. The certified laboratories of the AUTOSTRADA Group of Companies carry out multi-stage control of input materials and raw materials. Therefore, the quality and characteristics of the finished mixture always meet the highest standards.


The reliability of any construction depends on the quality of the excavation work. A professional approach to this crucial preparatory stage includes the correct analysis of the soil system, considering all the features and purpose of the road and the terrain. The company has extensive experience and is supplied with a complete set of equipment to excavate any soil. We self-perform all earthwork on our projects utilizing the large, heavy equipment fleet and a dedicated professional workforce.


Wear of asphalt pavement ends with cracks, potholes, ruts and leads to an increase in accidents. We remove the top layer of the road surface with road cutters in preparation for major or pit repairs. We perform milling of the old road surface utilizing powerful WIRTGEN machines. The removed layer of asphalt is used to strengthen the base of the roadway.

Cold recycling

We repair roads using a cold recycling method, reusing the materials of the old road pavement and placing it on the lower layers of the road. This multilayer technology is high-tech, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and significantly saves customer's money.

Asphalt paving

We use multilayer asphalt paving technology that meets European standards. The work is carried out by modern Vogele asphalt pavers and HAMM rollers with strict adherence to all technological requirements. We control quality at every stage and guarantee reliable operation of roads within 10 years.

Traffic safety

Completing the construction and repair of roads, we apply new wear-resistant markings; install barrier fencing, lighting and road signs. To control the proper operation of roads, we install truck weighing stations.


We install curbs during the construction or overhaul of roads, arrange sidewalks, places for turns, and public transport stops. To strengthen the roadsides, we make embankments of fertile soil with sowing grass.

AUTOSTRADA, the founder of which is Maxim Shkil, has the latest technical equipment, is staffed with qualified personnel, and provides a wide range of services:

  • construction of roads and bridges;
  • all types of repairs;
  • construction of the ground;
  • asphalt concrete production;
  • milling;
  • roadside landscaping;
  • traffic safety.

We build qualitatively, quickly, reliably! And the vast accumulated experience helps to carry out the construction of highways of various categories - roads, highways, intercity, cottage settlements, and those that pass through bridge constructions. Arrangement of streets is carried out with the involvement of high-tech equipment.

The complex process consists of several stages:

  • preparation of the basis;
  • cold recycling;
  • preparation of asphalt concrete mix;
  • asphalt paving;
  • coating compaction.

The use of the latest technologies provides high operational stability. The road surface is stored in excellent condition for at least 10 years.

Periodically, the road surface needs to be repaired. Depending on the degree of damage, there are capital, current, local. Road repairs and reconstruction involve the replacement of pavement. AUTOSTRADA uses advanced cold recycling technology. It consists of grinding the top layer of a covering with the subsequent stabilization utilizing bituminous impregnations. The main advantage of the technique is significant savings. Asphalt repair is much cheaper due to the reuse of clothing. Pit repairs are carried out in compliance with the sequence and proper execution of all stages. The last of them - compaction - must be carried out by road equipment, not by hand. The specially developed unique structure provides a covering steady against destruction. We produce crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete, which, depending on the size of the fractions, is divided into coarse-grained and fine-grained. According to the porosity, there are dense, porous, high-density, and other varieties. 

Other types of services: the basis of construction, repair, reconstruction is earthworks. They include a set of preparatory measures related to soil excavation, laying drainage channels, embankments, carrying out professional earthworks.

To improve the wheels' traction with the road surface and reduce the risk of accidents, we provide a service of milling the asphalt pavement - partial removal of the top layer. Also, an integral part of our projects is works that increase road safety. These include:

  • marking;
  • installation of road signs;
  • curbs, fencing, and barrier fences. They are inextricably linked with the improvement of the highway and the surrounding area. The list includes the arrangement of roadsides, parking and turning areas, places for public transport stops. Another distinctive feature of the HIGHWAY is the mobility of factories and road construction equipment. It allows to carry out works across all Ukraine without an increase in cost and decrease in quality. Ask questions of interest by phone +380432658775 or send a request by e-mail. Get detailed information about all possible options for cooperation from professionals.