Geography of projects

AVTOSTRADA repaired more than 300 km of roads and 25 bridges in 2020. As of mid-2021, the company is restoring 800+ km of highways and 40+ bridges and is operating in 11 regions of Ukraine. Modern mobile asphalt plants, own mobile laboratories, trawls are easy to move and quickly put into operation. It allows us to start work on a new facility in less than 30 days. The fleet of the world's best manufacturers and a team of professionals with profound experience guarantee quality construction and restoration of roads and bridges and 100% fulfillment of obligations to the client.

Leading technologies, professional team, the most modern equipment and machinery provide a high level mobility and the ability to perform work throughout the territory countries. German quality control standards at all stages production guarantees a 10-year service life road surface.
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AUTOSTRADA's specialists have fifty years of experience working on the most complex objects in Ukraine and abroad. The expertise of the company's employees does not end with the construction and repair of roads only. Our employees also restored the airport infrastructure, in particular, the Kyiv (Zhulyany) air hub.


AUTOSTRADA has a division of bridges and artificial structures construction, which employs specialists from road and bridge construction sector. The staff of this department, in particular, built a new Darnytskyi and Podilskiy bridges in Kyiv.


Selected company projects:

  • R-08 Nemyriv-Yampil and the bridge Yampil-Koseuts - AUTOSTRADA took a real challenge: to restore 116 km of the highway connecting Ukraine and Moldova, in fact, in 100 days. The company also won a tender to build a bridge to Moldova. The bridge over the two states shall be created by the end of 2022. The length of the bridge will be about 1.3 km, the maximum height of the supports will reach 40 meters, which is 10 meters above the standard 9-story building.
  • Reconstruction of the highway H-08 Boryspil-Dnipro-Zaporizhia-Mariupol in Cherkasy region. The section being restored by the AUTOSTRADA is the bypass road of Zolotonosha. As part of the project, the company's specialists arranged three roundabouts with lighting and additional lanes for lifting.
  • Overhaul of the M-12 Stryy – Ternopil – Kropyvnytskyi – Znamyanka highway, which became part of the longest highway in Ukraine, "Roads of Unity," M-30. AUTOSTRADA restored M-12 in Khmelnytsky and Vinnytsia regions. The works on the bypass of the city of Khmelnytsky were carried out in a short period of three months. The bridge and two overpasses were being repaired simultaneously, so the company worked around the clock. This is the first time that a Liebherr crane with a capacity of 100 tons has been used on this road. In 2021, the company resumes bypassing Kropyvnytskyi, which is part of the M-12.
  • Current repair of the H-03 Zhytomyr-Chernivtsi highway in Khmelnytsky region. For the first time, AUTOSTRADA performed design and construction works on this route.
  • The current average repair of the H-16 Zolotonosha-Cherkasy-Smila-Uman highway in the Cherkasy region is a road that is the main artery of the city of Cherkasy and through which the Cherkasy dam runs.