Avtostrada is completing work on five sections of the H-16 highway in Cherkasy region

A road that has not been repaired for more than four decades, finally with a modern surface.
In total, this year we will restore 52 km of the route from the village of Porters across the Shpola to the town of Zvenigorodka. As part of the repairs, we will restore 5 man-made structures, including four bridges and one overpass.
As for the design, Avtostrada's employees made a new foundation and arranged two layers of pavement. In total, more than 120,000 tons of gravel-sand mixture and almost 230,000 tons of asphalt concrete were laid.
We are currently completing a number of infrastructure works:

  • we arrange autonomous lighting with solar panels on pedestrian crossings;
  • set additional stops;
  • install a barrier fence;
  • apply marking;
  • install new road signs.

A clear example of infrastructural changes is the section in the area of ​​the village Signaivka, where the work has already been completed. The broken road has now a modern road surface, new road signs and wear-resistant markings. Sections with no accompanying infrastructure at all are now a pedestrian crossing with autonomous lighting, sidewalks, fences, bus stop. 200 workers and 100 units of road construction equipment worked at peak on sites.
Route H-16 is the longest route in Cherkasy region, passing through the whole region from east to west. It begins near Zolotonosha, runs through the cities of Cherkasy, Smila, Shpola, Zvenygorodka, Talne and Uman. The length repaired by Avtostrada is 208 km. Last year, we repaired almost 20 km of this road, so in total we will restore about a third of the H-16.