Cheaper and faster than in the EU: road repair in Vinnytsia region with a 10-year guarantee

This year the priority of the Ministry of infrastructure is the repair of highways of international importance. One of them, the M-12 - crosses Vinnytsia. The first step in the field of road surface repairs in the region was made last year, updating 10 kilometres of the road from Vinnytsa to Lityn. 7 more kilometres were repaired in 2018. At the moment, the main scope of work is completed. The road surface is repaired and widened. Curbs, barriers and even street lighting within the settlements have been installed.

The new road is pleasing to the eyes of the locals and tempts the drivers to drive faster than usual. Thus noise stripes on the coating is a reminder to reduce speed. For roads with such intense traffic, it is a compulsory attribute, reminding drivers to use vigilance on the road.

"The road is really wonderful and of high-quality. Despite the heavy traffic, it is possible to drive quite calmly and feel safe. The main thing is for this road to serve as long as possible, says Sergiy who drives a blue" CITROEN Aircross ".

“The company-contractor Autostrada assures that the repaired cover will serve for at least 10 years”. This was a statement made by the company’s deputy director Grigory Glebov in an interview for Vinnytsia TV channel. According to the head of the company, Autostrada meets all the conditions - new machinery, its own plants and the use of modern German technology.

Autostrada guarantees that, if properly used, roads will serve for at least 10 years. I want to make our roads better than in Europe. It is necessary for the maintenance services in Ukraine to treat their job more seriously. If one does not clean and polish the boots, they fall apart. If one does not look after the roads – they will deteriorate. So let's hope that everything will work out, and we will build the road further. In the Lityn direction, we have made 17 kilometres. So far, there are no claims against us from customers. Road quality control service has performed the check. Conclusion on asphalt quality and the rest is positive. Today, work on the M-12 from Vinnytsia to Uman is taking place on 2 sites: from Vinnytsia to Voronovytsia and from Nemyriv to Haysin.

"Now work is underway to arrange the regeneration layer, followed by another brigade, which puts the bottom layer of asphalt. Our machines are really top notch, and we do top quality work, as you can see ", - says Andriy Rosokai, the engineer of the motor grader.

Such an approach inspires confidence that the road coating covered by the "Autostrada" on the M-12 highway will not wear down in the spring with snow, but will serve for many years to come.