Avtostrada is completing the overhaul of the bridge on the international highway M-21 in Vinnytsia region

Asphalt-concrete pavement has already been laid on the bridge at the entrance to Mohyliv-Podilskyi, and it is now being laid in the direction of Vinnytsia. The bridge is part of the M-21 international highway leading from the border with Belarus to the border with Moldova and is part of the European route E583.

The bridge has not been repaired for more than 80 years and has not complied with state building codes. There have been repeated appeals from community residents regarding its restoration.

During the overhaul, the carriageway was extended - from 6.4 to 8 m. And for the comfort and safety of pedestrians, we are building a completely new pedestrian bridge "from scratch".

The following works have already been performed on the bridge:

  • a new monolithic overhead slab of the carriageway was arranged;
  • deformation seams are installed;
  • waterproofing is arranged.

Monolithic reinforced concrete supports have already been installed on the new pedestrian bridge, a 30-meter-long metal girder structure has been installed, slabs have been installed, and two reinforced concrete girder beams have been installed. Preparations are currently underway for concreting subfarms on the №4 support.

Also the installation of retaining walls of bridges is completed, preparation for the performance of works on strengthening of cones by monolithic reinforced concrete plates, planning of a surface of cones proceeds.

It is planned to complete the whole complex of works on road and pedestrian bridges by the end of November.

In total, this year Avtostrada will restore 20 km of the M-21 highway in Vinnytsia region.