In the Vinnytsia region, Autostrada continues to work on the bridge, located on the route of international importance

Autostrada's construction department specialists are repairing the bridge in the village of Privitne (Vinnytsia region), which is part of the route M-21 Vystupovychi - Zhytomyr - Mohyliv-Podilskyi.

The bridge was built in 1940, despite it is over 80 years old and needs repair, tests of the span structures of the bridge showed normal spatial performance and good spatial rigidity of the spans. No sagging of the supports was recorded, which indicates their proper bearing capacity. This allowed our specialists to apply methods of strengthening the existing structures of girder, and bring the characteristics of the bridge to the requirements of current regulations.

During last year's major renovations, the girders were reinforced with post-stress technology using German components and equipment. Thus, the edges of the main beams of the girder structures were arranged with extensions, and the channel formers for bundles of ropes of high-strength reinforcement inside. After the concrete gained the required design strength, the beams were stretched with hydraulic jacks. Tension of rope bundles allows to increase crack resistance and bearing capacity of the bridge. After the tension was completed, the ductworkers with the tension beams were injected with a special solution under high pressure to ensure corrosion resistance.

Spatial anchor devices were used to transmit the post-tensioning force to the concrete, which allows to optimally distribute the forces in the concrete.

Also during the works:

  • the slab of the carriageway was reinforced by installing a monolithic consignment note with bringing the dimensions of the bridge to the requirements of current regulations;
  • the combination with approaches is completely rearranged;
  • new modern expansion joints were installed;
  • extreme supports were rearranged;
  • intermediate supports were repaired;
  • drainage and waterproofing have been installed;
  • the carriageway and sidewalks were asphalted.

Currently, our specialists are completing the work, installing modern security elements: barrier and railing fencing, etc.

Autostrada is actively developing the direction of bridges' construction and repair. In 2021, our bridge division restored about 50 facilities.