In the Mykolaiv region Avtostrada restores the M-13 highway connecting three regions

In the Mykolaiv region Avtostrada carries out repairs of a site of the route M-13 which connects region with Kirovohrad and Odessa region. Prior to the start of work, the condition of the road, which had not been fully repaired for half a century, was simply catastrophic - in some places the concrete slabs were completely destroyed. As the M-13 is a route of international importance, which coincides with the European route E584, its restoration was extremely important.

The project envisages replacement of the old concrete pavement with modern asphalt concrete and expansion of the road from 7 to 8 meters.

The following works have already been performed on the section from the border with Kirovohrad region:

  • concrete slabs were dismantled with the help of the Impactor concrete crusher;
  • soil stabilization was carried out with the help of cement;
  • a drainage layer is arranged;
  • the layer of the basis from a crushed stone-sand mix is ​​arranged;
  • a layer of coarse-grained asphalt concrete was laid.

Drainage trays are currently being installed. At the next stage the top layer of a covering from crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete will be laid. Also among the planned works on the site is the repair of the bridge, which will be carried out by specialists of the bridge construction department of Avtostrada.

Work on the site will be completed next construction season. The total length of the M-13 highway is almost 258 kilometers. It starts from Kropyvnytskyi and leads to the Platonove checkpoint on the border with Moldova in the Odessa region.

This year Avtostrada carried out repair of a road surface on six key streets of Mykolaiv. The total length of the restored areas is 10.5 km. They worked around the clock, and to minimize inconvenience to drivers, the main work was carried out exclusively at night.