The highway connecting Vinnytsia and Odessa regions is being repaired around the clock

In the Vinnytsia region, Avtostrada is repairing the road R-33 "Vinnytsia - Turbiv - Haisyn - Balta - Velyka Mykhailivka". To restore the road as soon as possible, we work on our sites 24/7. We have already completed the installation of all layers of pavement on 27 kilometers out of 35.

During the works, the old road surface was milled, the foundation and two layers of asphalt concrete were laid, and the road was widened by 1.5 m.

On the section between the village of Trostyanets and the village of Bydu the works on coarse-grained asphalt concrete laying will continue, after which the final layer of a covering from crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete will be arranged.

Simultaneously we are working in the settlements where the route passes: we install modern lighting, arrange sidewalks and curbs, arrange new bus stops.

About 120 Avtostrada's employees and more than 60 units of equipment were involved onsite. Marini 3000's own asphalt plant and soil mixing plant cover the need for materials. We plan to complete the main works by the end of the road construction season.

Prior to the start of work, the road was in the poor condition, as it had not been repaired for almost 40 years. Due to the broken road surface, local drivers tried to use alternative routes. For example, to get to Odessa, one had to drive through Uman, although the R-33 offers a shorter route.

This summer in the Vinnytsia region, Avtostrada implemented a large-scale project in record time - restored 125 km of the R-08 highway and two territorial roads in just 90 days.