Avtostrada congratulated the children on St. Nicholas Day

We congratulated the children of our employees on St. Nicholas Day and visited the boys and girls who need special attention, as they find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Avtostrada team' visited the Bereznya Training and Rehabilitation Center (Chernihiv region), Cherkasy Regional Specialized Children's House and the Zhmerynka Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children (Vinnytsia Region), which we constantly support. The centers educate and educate orphans, children deprived of parental care, from large families, from families in difficult life circumstances, and children with special educational needs. The children are incredibly talented and creative, and also masters at all hands: they sew, make various products with their own hands, paint pictures. So, in order to support creative endeavors, they donated accessories for young artists and craftsmen. And for active winter leisure - sledges and snowshoes. To keep it warm and comfortable, the Freeway purchased a modern heating boiler from one of the establishments. And, of course, they read poems together, listened to songs and competed in competitions.

Support for children and assistance to rehabilitation and educational institutions is part of the systematic approach of the Avtostrada Group of Companies on corporate social responsibility. By implementing various charitable and social projects, we strive to help those who need it most.