The key Chernihiv region road H-07 was supplemented with new restored sections

The four repaired sections of the Kyiv-Sumy-Yunakovka highway in the Chernihiv region have been opened recently. They run from the town of Pryluky to the border with the Sumy region; their total length is 27 km.

Before the repairs, the sites were in a highly unsatisfactory condition, as more than half a century had passed - with no significant repairs being carried out since the H-07 highway was built. The route connects three regions - Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy, and is an important transport highway for about 4 million of people in these regions.

Therefore, the company performed the following works onsite:

  • widened the roadway from seven to eight meters;
  • arranged a new foundation of the road and two layers of asphalt pavement;
  • asphalted congresses;
  • arranged a drainage system.

Almost 200,000 tons of gravel-sand and organo-mineral mixtures and about 100,000 tons of asphalt concrete mixtures of various types were used during the works. The need for materials was covered by two own powerful plants and a soil mixing plant.

New road construction technologies were used in the restoration of these areas. The Impactor 3000H concrete crusher was used to speed up the reconstruction of the concrete sections of the road. This mechanism breaks the old concrete pavement and turns it into a full-fledged basis for the future asphalt pavement. Earlier, it was necessary to cut and remove concrete and make a basis from scratch. The new technology allows you to quickly produce a new quality coating while effectively using available resources.

More than 150 Avtostrada employees and 200 units of equipment were involved in the works at the sites. Now they are finishing the marking, sidewalks, and barrier fencing. Road signs and new public transport stops will also be installed in the nearest future.

In total, the company now operates fifty-six kilometers of the H-07 highway. We will complete the overhaul of all sections by the end of the current road construction season. In 2020, Avtostrada repaired 50 km of roads in the Chernihiv region.