Autostrada's specialists installed a modern autonomous lighting on two bridges on the bypass of Kropyvnytskyi

Specialists of the Autostrada's  bridge construction department are completing the repair of two large bridges over the rivers Ingul and Gruzka on the bypass of Kropyvnytskyi. The length of each is 134 m, and the height is 12 m. Prior to the start of works, they were in a pre-emergency condition, so the repair was extremely important.

A number of infrastructure works have already been carried out at the facilities. In order to save electricity, the bridges were equipped with lighting with autonomous solar panels - 11 pylons were installed on each of the buildings for this purpose. Lighting on the bridges was installed for the first time. The design of lanterns allows to provide protection of its equipment against influence of high temperatures in the summer and low in the winter that increases a resource of work of a lantern as a whole and in difficult weather conditions.

A distinctive feature of autonomous street lights on solar panels is durability, convenience and ease of application, as they do not require the laying of power cables and external power supply, which reduces operating costs.

The installation of barrier and railing fencing has also been completed.

During the repair of bridges, our specialists:

  • performed reinforcement and installation of a monolithic slab;
  • arranged waterproofing;
  • installed new expansion joints;
  • widened the carriageway on the approaches to the bridges;
  • built a new cattle run between the bridges.

Work is currently underway under the bridges, including concreting the cones and repairing and strengthening the supports. We also plan to repair the beams and arrange drainage from the roadway of the bridges, and complete the renovation in the spring.

The bridges bypassing Kropyvnytskyi are part of the M-30 highway, the country's longest highway, the Road of Unity. It has a length of over 1,400 km and unites the whole country from West to East.