The road between Vinnytsia and Kropyvnytskyi will be restored with the use of metallurgical waste

It is the company's second project where we will implement experimental technology for the basis of new pavement. Namely, we will use waste materials of magnetic enrichment of ferrous quartzites. Avtostrada understands the country's problem with the accumulation and utilization of metallurgical waste and its environmental consequences. At the same time, it is an available resource that is hardly used. Solving this problem is a serious challenge for the state. Therefore, last year, Avtostrada decided not to stand aside and use its opportunities with this raw material to repair the territorial road in the Cherkasy region. The T-24-09 sections are in excellent condition. The research results showed the feasibility of using experimental technology in road construction. The relevant confirmation was received from the State Research Institute and agreed with Ukravtodor.

Therefore, repair works have started on the road T-02-07 Dzhulynka-Haivoron-Blagoveshchenske / M-05 /, a key connection between Vinnytsia and Kirovohrad regions leading to the international transport corridor Kyiv - Odesa.

The company will repair about 40 km of this road using iron ore waste materials instead of traditional crushed stone-sand mixtures to bring the pavement (spread) to the normative parameters and strengthen its base with separate sections. Before the beginning of the works, the Avtostrada technical control service inspected works' performance sites and selected initial materials. After studying the existing parameters of the road, we tested the strength of the pavement structure. Together with the Central Laboratory, the company made a detailed analysis and selection of the composition of the required mixtures.

Avtostrada uses waste raw materials from the Kryvyi Rih Mining and Processing Plant. We accumulate it on the production base near the site, and now we have more than 15 thousand tons.

Thanks to the use of this material, the company helps solve environmental problems and reduces the cost of material resources of construction. At the same time, without losing the quality. One hundred fifty workers and 50 units of the latest equipment were involved in the works. We plan to complete work on the road by the end of the year.