Avtostrada completes the installation of pavement on the section of the highway connecting Rivne and Khmelnytsky regions

In the Rivne region, Avtostrada is overhauling a section of the H-25 highway near the villages of Brest, Orvyanytsia and Solomiivka. Almost the entire length of the final layer of pavement has already been arranged, we are also completing the repair of the bridge over the river Goryn in Orvyanytsia - it is already open for travel, a railing instalment is left.

During the works on the site we:

  • widespread the road from 7 to 8 meters;
  • asphalted congresses;
  • arranged the roadside;
  • made entry pockets for 10 bus stops;
  • laid new pipes of the drainage system,
  • installed 340 inspection and 260 rainwater receiving wells.

Avtostrada continues Installation of sidewalks and curbs, and installation of modern LED lighting. Also, specialists of the Avtostrada bridge construction department are working on two more bridges on the site, which are being built from scratch instead of the old ones. They are currently being filled with piles.

More than 80 company's employees and more than 50 units of equipment were involved in the works. The Marini soil mixing plant and asphalt plant meet the need for materials.

The H-25 highway leads from the border with Belarus in the Rivne region to Starokostiantyniv in the Khmelnytsky region. Its total length is 297 km.