Avtostrada has completed the construction of a new road surface on H-16 - the longest route in Cherkasy region

Avtostrada has completed the laying of asphalt concrete on a number of sections of the H-16 highway in Cherkasy region with a total length of 52 km. The main driveway is provided at all our sites.

Prior to the start of work, the road had not been repaired for about 40 years. During the repair, the old road surface was milled, the foundation and two layers of asphalt concrete were laid. In total, more than 120,000 tons of gravel-sand mixture and almost 230,000 tons of asphalt concrete were laid.

We are currently continuing to build the infrastructure. 

In particular, the following works are underway on the site near the town of Zvenyhorodka:

  • arrangement of congresses;
  • installation of a barrier protection;
  • installation of pipes and drains of the drainage system;
  • strengthening of roadsides.

On the bypass of Zvenyhorodka, repair works are underway on the bridge over the Gnily Tikich River and the overpass, the total length of which is 134 m.

In the village Knyazha at the pedestrian crossings we have already installed lighting with solar panels, now it is arranged in the village Bagachivka.

In the areas from Zvenyhorodka to Shpola, Avtostrada specialists began to apply road markings. We will also install new road signs and arrange 9 bus stops.

200 workers and 100 units of road construction equipment were involved in the works on the sites. The need for materials was provided by Marini's own soil mixing plant and asphalt concrete plant.

The highway H-16 "Zolotonosha - Cherkasy - Smila - Uman" is the longest in Cherkasy region, it connects all four districts (rayons) of the region. Its total length is 208 km. In 2020, Avtostrada repaired almost 20 km of this road.