Avtostrada completed the restoration of another section of the H-08 highway in Cherkasy region

In Cherkasy region, Avtostrada completed the overhaul of the H-08 section of the highway - from the border with Kyiv region to the turn to Kaniv in the village of Sofiyivka, Zolotonosha district. In total, almost 40 km of the Boryspil - Dnipro - Zaporizhia - Mariupol highway in Cherkasy region were repaired.
Prior to the start of works, the site was in unsatisfactory condition and had not been overhauled since the 1990s. Now there is a modern road surface of the European standard with a total thickness of more than 50 cm.

During the restoration, we worked with the latest equipment, in particular, a modern VÖGELE reloader was used to install the top layer of the coating. This machine ensures uninterrupted supply of the mixture to the asphalt paver, which guarantees the highest quality of laying.
In addition to the installation of new pavement, a number of infrastructural works were performed:

  • a drainage system was arranged ;
  • a platform for cars on the border of areas was built;
  • wear-resistant marking was applied;
  • a metal fence and new road signs were installed.

Also, our employees will install a new stele on the border of the regions and the first electronic information board in Cherkasy region.
In total, this year Avtostrada restored 75 km of roads in Cherkasy region.