Autostrada has completed drilling work on the construction of the left-bank interchange of Darnytskyi Bridge

The Autostrada's bridge-construction department continues the construction of the left-bank junction of the Darnytskyi Bridge in Kyiv, the works are being carried out 24/7. Currently, the construction of bored piles has been completed at the site and preparations have begun for the installation of congress girders.

In total, 55 piles with a diameter of 1.5 m were drilled and concreted, which took about 2.5 thousand cubic meters. m of monolithic concrete. To perform these works, powerful equipment was used - drilling rigs Bauer BG 45 and BG 36. By the way, Bauer BG 45 - brand new, 2021 model year, and this is the only installation in this modification in Ukraine. A number of other works were also carried out.

Thus, 12 grilles and 23 blocks of retaining wall were installed on the building №8L (exit in the direction of Bazhan Avenue). Each such unit weighs 14-15 tons. Currently, work is underway to monolithize the blocks, and in the coming days another 80 will be installed. During the construction of the building was used about 1.2 thousand cubic meters of monolithic concrete. At the building №5L (also part of the congress in the direction of Bazhan Avenue), the stands were concreted and half of the work on the retaining wall was completed.

At the construction site №6L, which leads in the direction of the Paton Bridge, the development of the pit support 4 has begun and preparations are underway for the installation of the grille. Concreting and reinforcement of support elements - grilles, support bodies, crossbars - is underway at the №3L and №4L structures. Also, the site is currently examining the metal structures of girder structures, including paint and varnish coating on the beams and the efficiency of bolted joints.

The site employs 110 specialists of Autostrada's bridge construction department, more than 50 units of specialized equipment are involved.

The left-bank interchange of Darnytskyi Bridge will improve road connections between the banks of the Dnipro and will allow unloading the capital's traffic. Prior to the start of work, it remained unfinished for about 10 years.