Avtostrada launches social project #ТвоїКілометриРятуютьЖиття

The Avtostrada group of companies is launching the Kilometers of Life social project (#ТвоїКілометриРятуютьЖиття ), the Tvoya Opora Foundation, and Masha Efrosinina and Run Ukraine.

The purpose of the initiative is to run and accumulate kilometers, which we exchange for money. The funds raised will be used to purchase two resuscitation places for newborns at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

Why is this important?

More than 10,000 children are born in Ukraine with severe congenital developmental pathologies every year, and about 20,000 babies are born prematurely.

Caring for and rehabilitating such children is a complex process that takes months for neonatologists and parents. The Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology (IPAG) is the only institution in Ukraine that helps children born with pathologies and premature infants from all over the country. IPAG is the last hope for recovery and healthy life for such children.

IPAG is a state organization and annually needs UAH 66 million UAH for medicines alone. This year, 12% of the required amount of funds was allocated. It is catastrophically small amount of money.

Today, the institute needs a resuscitation place for children with severe congenital developmental pathologies and premature births. That is why Avtostrada encourages you to go for a run and raise funds to purchase two Draeger resuscitation places for the rehabilitation. The equipment will work directly in the resuscitation department of IPAG, where more than 200 children get a chance to recover every year.

How to take part in the project:

Download the Strava app and join the group
Run and turn on the Strava so that your kilometers count towards the total score
Share information about the project and your results on social networks, create posts with the tag #ТвоїКілометриРятуютьЖиття, and engage your friends.

Our goal is 150 thousand km!

Join us and spread the word about the project - it's easy to help!