Avtostrada restored a part of the road surface on the route leading to the sea in Mykolaiv region

Avtostrada continues to restore the T-15-07 highway which leads from Mykolaiv to recreation center «Chernomorka» through Parutine and Ochakov. This is a popular tourist destination, so the repair of the road, which was in poor condition before the start of work, is important for the development of the region's potential.

At almost 12 kilometers from Mykolaiv to the village of Zarichne the main driveway is already open. During the repair, a new foundation and two layers of asphalt concrete were installed. Asphalting of sidewalks is currently underway.

In total, Avtostrada will restore six sections with a total length of 56 kilometers. The road will be extended by a meter, and its capacity will increase by 30-40%.

In the settlements through which the road passes, we will equip bicycle paths, which will also contribute to the development of tourism. New modern lighting will also be installed there.

About 80 employees and more than 40 units of equipment were involved in the works onsite. Marini's own soil mixing plant and asphalt plant cover the need for materials.

The total length of the T-15-07 highway is 72.8 km. This road is also called the Mykolaiv Riviera.

This year Avtostrada restored pavement on six key streets of Mykolaiv with a total length of 10,5 km. To minimize inconvenience to local drivers, the main work was carried out exclusively at night.