Avtostrada restored the R-08 highway in the Vinnytsia region in an unprecedented period of 90 days

Avtostrada fully restored the main part of the key connection between Ukraine and Moldova - the R-08 road and two territorial roads.

The company has successfully coped with a challenge that has no analogues in the road industry. The R-08 road has become the testimony of the reloading of the country's road infrastructure. Its restoration improved the lives of people who have been waiting for the renewed road for 40 years. The company managed to overcome such a challenge thanks to the experienced team of road and bridge workers. About 1,000 specialists worked at the facility 24/7, and Avtostrada's technical control service and the Central Laboratory constantly monitored the quality of all processes at all stages.

Six modern asphalt concrete plants, five soil mixing, and one emulsion plant in the Vinnytsia region provided production needs in materials. They produced more than half a million tons of asphalt mixtures of various types and more than 800 thousand tons of gravel-sand and organomineral mixes in this short period. The company also launched its plant of reinforced concrete products. For example, more than 50 km of reinforced concrete products were used to install the road drainage system. In total, 700 units of equipment and mechanisms worked at the facility. 12 asphalt pavers simultaneously laid new asphalt pavements in peak loads.

Together with the repair of the road in an intensive, round-the-clock mode, the company has restored eight bridges. The team increased their bearing capacity and extended their service life by several decades. Among these objects, the longest is a 74.5 m bridge with a 50 m retaining wall located on a radius curve, which is undoubtedly safe for traffic but requires highly qualified bridge workers and is very labor-intensive. At the same time, the infrastructure in 20 settlements was restored. Autostrada arranged road exits, bus stops, paved sidewalks, and other related infrastructure. Only the curbstone and curbs were used for more than a hundred kilometers. So, today we can confidently say that Ukraine was sewn together with another quality road in record time.