Avtostrada has started winter maintenance of roads

On the night of November 24, Avtostrada specialists treated some roads in Cherkasy region with anti-icing agents.

In order to ensure uninterrupted and safe movement in the conditions of snowfall and ice, we have everything we need - a modern fleet of equipment, a professional team and all necessary materials.

In Cherkasy region, our specialists control 18 roads with a total length of 630 km. Among the main arteries are the routes H-16 Zolotonosha - Cherkasy - Smila - Uman and H-08 Boryspil - Dnipro - Zaporizhia - Mariupol, as well as a number of territorial roads. In addition to roads, it is important to take care of the condition of artificial structures, including a dam across the Dnipro River near Cherkasy with a length of more than 13 km. More than 10,000 cars cross it every day.

Another region in operational maintenance of Avtostrada is Chernihiv region, where we control 665 km of roads. This is the route of international importance M-02, highways R-67 Chernihiv - Nizhyn - Pryluky - Pyryatyn and R-61 Baturyn - Konotop - Sumy, as well as a number of regional and territorial roads. There is a relevant unit in the region, which is fully prepared to overcome the consequences of any weather around the clock.

We have prepared the following types of heavy equipment for the season:

  • sand spreaders;
  • loading equipment;
  • bulldozers;
  • motor graders;
  • rotary snow blowers;
  • tractors.

In total in two areas - about 60 units of equipment. It is all equipped with flashing beacons and dimensional markings.

A sufficient amount of anti-icing materials was prepared in advance:

  • technical salt, kainite;
  • friction materials (sand, etc.)
  • natural brines;
  • saline solutions of own production.

Thus, 1300 km of roads are under constant control. Our employees have experience and have been engaged in winter road maintenance for more than a year. We will do our best so that the first snow and ice do not become an unpleasant surprise for drivers.

Road service appeal to drivers to give way to special equipment, to be especially attentive and careful, to strictly follow the requirements of the Traffic Rules, to choose a safe speed and distance. Also avoid sudden braking and risky maneuvering.