Autostrada continues to maintain critical infrastructure

Before the start of the full-scale war, Autostrada restored almost 1,000 km of roads in the regions of its presence. And although some of them were damaged after the beginning of the Russian invasion, there are also those that function and are called "roads of life". The military and military medics are thankful for them. These highways are used to evacuate the wounded, deliver critically needed goods to affected regions, and drive to loved ones or safe regions.

Therefore, currently the main task of road workers is to ensure the best functioning of such highways for military purposes, delivery of humanitarian aid and safe movement of citizens.

That is why Autostrada specialists quickly organize detours of bridges destroyed by military actions, urgently repair the road surface of important highways, help restore the most destroyed local roads, which have become alternative detours.

One of the most important factors in this process is their maintenance. Maintenance takes place both on important international and national highways, as well as on territorial and local highways.

Autostrada maintains sections of the important transport corridor between the capital and the border with Hungary - M-06 "Kyiv-Chop" in Zhytomyr region and Rivne region. In Chernihiv region, this is M-02 "Kipti-Glukhiv-Bachivsk" and the regional road P-67 "Chernihiv-Nizhyn-Pryluky-Pyryatyn".
Company maintains roads H-08 "Boryspil-Dnipro-Mariupol" and H-16 "Zolotonosha-Uman", in Cherkasy region, which are connecting roads with the East of Ukraine.

Maintenance covers the entire range of road care; if necessary, our specialists perform emergency pothole repair. Road workers also provide water drainage from the roadway, arrange roadsides, and clean drainage structures.