Avtostrada donated equipment to the resuscitation department of IPAG, which rescues 200 children annually

Avtostrada has transferred two intensive care units for seriously ill infants and children born on extremely early stages to the Kyiv Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology (IPAG).

Funds for resuscitation boxes were raised as part of the #YourKilometersSaveLives campaign. It is a unique collaboration between the road construction company "Avtostrada", the Tvoya Opora Foundation and Masha Efrosinina. Anyone could join the campaign by simply going for a run. Each kilometer of the run was converted into funds as follows 1 km = UAH 10.

About 2,000 people joined the initiative. The participants ran the required 150,000 kilometers in less than two months and even exceeded the required amount. Together, the participants ran the distance equal to the equator of the Earth four times!

"You see what the unity of people leads to. When you run, when there are many of you, when we expect three months of action, it gains even more than planned in two months. One hundred sixty thousand kilometers instead of 150! This is charity, "said Masha Efrosinina.

"I see two results of the action. The first is a healthier runners' nation. The second is children who received real help. I am very grateful to Avtostrada, because systematic business support and help are vital for us," the chairman said. Charitable Foundation "Your Support" Valeria Tatarchuk.

The equipment was presented directly to the intensive care unit of the Institute. Where children with the most complex congenital pathologies and infants born at extremely early stages of pregnancy. This place is the unique one in Ukraine, with about 200 children per year. One child can stay in the department for up to 6 months, depending on the pathology.

"I would like to express my gratitude to Avtostrada, which, together with the Your Support Foundation, together with Maria Efrosinina, took care of our needs and provided us with such critical assistance. The help that will give children a chance to survive, "said Lyubov Slepova, IPAG's chief physician.