Mr. Serhii Skakun


A successful manager with practical experience in the construction of objects of varying complexity - office centers, gas stations, bank branches. He has successfully implemented projects in the field of cottage construction and microdistrict and apartment complex creation. He graduated from Vinnytsia State Technical University and has a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering.

Mr. Hryhorii Hliebov

Deputy Director for Production Issues

Has a fundamental experience in road construction, a large number of projects implemented. He held managerial positions in companies specializing in road construction. He graduated from the Kyiv Road and Road Institute with a degree in Automotive Road Construction Engineer. He is a high level professional and he loves his work.

Mr. Oleh Hnatiuk

Head of Production Department

He has extensive experience in road construction, led construction, organized construction on the sections of the route: Kyiv-Odesa, Kharkiv-Pereshchepino, Kyiv-Kharkiv. Took part in the project for the reconstruction of the landing stripes of Zhulyany airport. He has a specialized education.

Mr. Serhii Yashchuk

Chief mechanical engineer

Has a special education and more than 35 years of experience in the repair and maintenance of road machinery and equipment, which allows us to keep the company's machinery park in perfect technical condition. Well versed in modern road construction and the newest road machinery.

Ms. Lesia Rudenko

Chief Accountant

She has many years of successful work experience in enterprises of various fields of activity, she worked as a chief accountant in companies specializing in road construction. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics with a degree in Accounting and Audit.