“Joint Ukrainian-German enterprise Autostrada” Ltd. is equipped with its own special laboratory, accredited in accordance with the requirements of the DSTU (State Standarts of Ukraine). It ensures a constant monitoring of the state of raw materials. That is why we are confident in the high quality of our products.


Intra-corporate quality management system successfully functions in the performance of construction and installation works due to the complex of organizational and technical measures implemented in accordance with the quality management system:

  • Input control of purchased building materials and products
  • Analysis and coordination of project documentation with the client
  • Operational control during construction works
  • Permanent geodetic control
  • Control over the performance of subcontract works
  • Surveys and tests of constructed structures and road elements

We carry out control of road-building materials, structures and products; operational and acceptance control of the quality of road construction works performed in a special laboratory. The laboratory is completed with modern domestic and foreign automatic and semiautomatic laboratory instruments and equipment for determining the physical and mechanical properties of materials used in the construction, repair and reconstruction of highways, including soils and stone materials; organic binders; asphalt-concrete mixes of various types and brands; cement, concrete mixes and concrete.

To reliably evaluate the results of field and laboratory tests, the laboratory is equipped with specialized computer programs for processing test results with the implementation of automated calculations of the physical and mechanical properties of materials.