бехівський кар'єр






Location: Zhytomyr oblast, Korosten region, villiage Bechy
The total area of the deposit: 52 hectares
Mineral reserves: 20 million m3
Daily excavation of products: 10500 tons
Monthly excavation volume of products: 200 thousand tons
Stone extraction: 2,5 million tons per year
The company’s balance reserves: 30 million m3
Staff: more than 200 people.


  • 2006 – the company starts extraction and processing of fractional crushed stone from high-quality diorite and granodiorite from the Bekhiv deposit
  • 2006 – full-scale reorganization and modernization of production
  • 2012 – a powerful stationary factory “Metso” was put into operation
  • 2014 – the company has successfully passed certification, confirming the compliance of our products with the European harmonized EN requirements with the right to be marked with its CE mark
  • September 19, 2014 – at the Ukrainian Business Forum of the Construction Industry, the company “Bekhiv granite quarry” Ltd. was awarded as “The most active company”

Technological equipment:

  • Modern stationary factory “Metso”
  • Mobile crushing complex “Kleemann”
  • Own railway loading / unloading platform
  • Two own railway access roads
  • Equipped with the latest technology repair shop
  • Own park of machinery produced by CAT

Annually it is made more than 1 million tons of crushed stone production of various fractions at the enterprise. Our crushed stone is used for the construction of roads and railway embankments, the production of asphalt, concrete. The convenient location of the quarry, the availability of its own loading and unloading railway platform, as well as two railway access ways, allows the uninterrupted supply of products. Thanks to the fact that the Bekhiv quarry is an enterprise with foreign investments, new technologies are constantly being introduced into production, the quality of products is being improved.

Our crushed stone has a unique strength in 1200-1400 and > 1400, which is now the highest quality in Ukraine, and in combination with the latest equipment and European standards of control of all production stages gives the best products in the Ukrainian market.


  • Diorite (granodiorite) fractions 2-8
  • Diorite (granodiorite) 5-10
  • Diorite (granodiorite) 6-16
  • Diorite (granodiorite) (Group I) 5-20
  • Diorite (granodiorite) 10-20
  • Diorite (granodiorite) 12-20
  • Diorite (granodiorite) 20-40
  • Diorite (granodiorite) 25-60
  • Diorite (granodiorite) 40-70
  • Mix of fractions 0,05-120 (№С4)
  • Mix (№С5)
  • Sand from screenings of crushing fraction 0-5
  • Sand from screenings of crushing fraction 0,63-2
  • Fraction for asphalt production in accordance with the standard EN13043: 0-2, 2-4 (2-5), 4-8 (5-8), 2-8, 8-16, 8-11,2, 11,2- 16 16-22,4.